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Who we are?

In Cemex Services Group s.r.o., our company based in Prague, we wish to integrate the service for all countries to share the best practice. We are Centre of Excellence – great place to be, not Shared  Service Centre, supporting united Europe. Now, it is an unique time in redifining our services in which we are embarking on one of the most dramatic changes in Process & IT and Business Services in Cemex’s history. In the same time, we are transforming our services to create a platform which will develop innovative business processes organisation (BSO) that can improve our commercial and operational experiences using the latest technologies. These two main goals are being achieved by our Process & IT and BSO teams, who are constantly evolving, researching, designing, implementing and executing new technologies and global processs to streamline operations in CEMEX.

Why to work at Cemex Services Group?

We are passionate, energetic people who love challenges and learning. We offer a friendly and inclusive working environment, where your knowledge and skills will be respected and where your voice can be heard. Take the opportunity to contribute your values and energy to develop the culture and standards of a vibrant and professional team. Our team is intergrated from diversity of backgrounds and that allow us to be creative in our solutions. We have the ability to work and coordinate projects as a chain, and every link is very important to create a value for the business and our customers.
The transformation in numbers:

  • 70 open positions in 2016 for 120 talented people
  • 3 countries consollidation this year, one more from 2015
  • One global perspective – we are One Cemex

Interested? Would you like to know what´s next?

  • 1st round – agency or local HR team
  • 2nd round – personal/videoconference interview with colleagues  who are assessning knowledge, competence as well as team fit
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • 3rd round – future boss or senior supervisor/leader of the department – detailed professional testing, usually includes relevant case studies
  • LOI – letter of intent in case of success
  • HR processes before hire (personal questionaire, medical check etc.)
  • Starting date – signing contract, starting onboarding

The hiring scheme allows us to have the expertise and influence to ensure that employees at all levels of the organisation have sound knowledge and the right skills that contribute to our business strategy ensuring we deliver the best services for our clients and that we remain responsive to changing priorities and external influences.

Please see our active possitions, for application, please send your CV to: lenka.cerna@cemex.com or fill in form at the bottom of this page.

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